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State Bar Rule 3.820 (E) requires that we inform all of our clients how to submit a complaint to the State Bar about our service or one of our panel members. We are hoping you will never need to do this but if you are ever dissatisfied or have any questions or ever need to reach the president of Higher Legal, attorney Daniel Amos, you can email him directly at If you want to contact the California State Bar and submit a complaint against us, here is the State Bar link to the rules governing Certified Lawyer Referral Services: Chapter 3: Lawyer Referral Services. Your complaint may be submitted to the State Bar, provided it is in writing and supported by factual information that demonstrates a violation of these rules or other applicable authority. When you contact us directly a personal injury lawyer with 25 years of experience will personally review your inquiry and will immediately respond to you. Sometimes we are able to refer our clients to one of our personal injury attorneys, and sometimes we cannot, but we always try to assist you however we can. Our goal at Higher Legal is to help you find the right personal injury lawyer for your particular situation. Our Higher Legal Panel Attorneys include some of the very best personal injury lawyers in California. If at any time you have any questions, concerns or complaints, please call us at (800) 210-2104 or email us at If you ever have a complaint that is not resolved, you may also contact the State Bar of California, Office of Legal Services at (415) 538-2328.