Mesothelioma: When you need a Los Angeles Mesothelioma Attorney


If you have a diagnosis of mesothelioma, you already know that the only recognized cause of this terrible disease is exposure to asbestos. You also know that the symptoms of the disease appear many years after exposure to the asbestos containing products. 


In order to pursue a successful lawsuit against the companies responsible for your mesothelioma, it is imperative to identify the companies responsible for your mesothelioma. You can only do that if you hire an outstanding Los Angeles personal injury lawyer; even better if you hire the very best Los Angeles mesothelioma attorney (aka. asbestos attorney).


Right now there are a tremendous number of television commercials about mesothelioma and an enormous amount of advertising by asbestos law firms who want your mesothelioma case. This is being done by law firms all over the United States. In fact, if you read the small print at the bottom of those commercials, or hidden in their web sites, you will see that most of these asbestos law firms are not from around here. They are from Florida, Texas, Illinois and Massachusetts. There are so many law firms trying to get your case it is difficult for you to determine who really is the best and who you can trust.


Well there is good news.  


HigherLegal™ has done the research for you.   


HigherLegal™ research has successfully identified the best mesothelioma lawyer in the United States and he is located here in Los Angeles!


We are not going to divulge the name of this mesothelioma attorney here, but if you call us now at (310) 203-8888 we will give you his name and some very important information you must have about mesothelioma cases.


Don’t fall into the trap of going with an out of state mesothelioma attorney, like the one who has the most television commercials or the one who will send you the glossiest brochure.


You want a world class Los Angeles mesothelioma attorney who knows the judges here in Los Angeles, who has been working on mesothelioma cases in the Los Angeles courts. That is how you are going to successfully win the most important case of your life.


The specialist mesothelioma attorney you want is located right here in Los Angeles. HigherLegal™ will set up a personal meeting for you to meet him face-to-face before you hire anyone else.


Here are just a few of this extraordinary lawyer’s most recent mesothelioma verdicts, awards and accomplishments. He only prosecutes mesothelioma cases.   


$35,100,000 - Davis vs. American Standard

$16,925,000 - Woodard vs. Alfa Laval

$15,250,000 - Silvestro vs. Kelly-Moore

$12,600,000 - Behshid vs. Bondex

$5,400,000 - Saffold vs. Bondex


This nationally recognized Los Angeles mesothelioma attorney is one of only two persons to have received the prestigious Trial Lawyer of the Year Award on two separate occasions, including as recently as 2008.


He is a member of and has held leadership, presidential and board positions on the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, the American Board of Trial Advocates, American Association for Justice (AAJ), the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA), and the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC). He is a past president of the Civil Pound Justice Institute, a think-tank of accomplished trial attorneys who help to strengthen the practice of trial law through educational programs, publications and research grants. In addition, he has been named on the Southern California Super Lawyers® list four times.


If you have a mesothelioma case, you must follow the 5 Golden Rules - How to find and hire a good lawyer.


Don’t hire a Los Angeles asbestos attorney until you have an opportunity to meet this extraordinary Los Angeles mesothelioma attorney. Call Higher Legal™ at (310) 203-8888 to set up an appointment.