Elder Abuse: When you need a Los Angeles Elder Abuse Attorney


STEP ONE: Discover the Abuse


Before contacting a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer or a lawyer referral service, the first and most important step is to educate yourself. Here is a FREE Elder Abuse Pamphlet that you should read.


Download it from The State Bar of California Website


or download the pdf directly from here.


This FREE Consumer Pamphlet was written by the California State Bar.


Many people believe Elder Abuse only refers to Nursing Home Neglect and physical abuse. It is actually much more, and includes many crimes and frauds against seniors, such as:

  1. Charitable Donation Cons
  2. Credit Card Insurance and Credit Repair Scams
  3. Door-to-Door Solicitation Scams
  4. Financial Advisor and Investment Scams
  5. Funeral and Cemetery Fraud
  6. Home Repair and Contractor Cons
  7. Medicare Fraud
  8. Telemarketing Fraud


Each of these terrible crimes is discussed in the FREE Consumer Pamphlet shown above by the California State Bar.  Read the pamphlet. It has great information that will help you protect your rights.  Protect yourself!


Nursing Homes are big business. We expect the owners and operators of these facilities to care for our loved ones, but often our loved ones are abused, injured and even killed by the abuse and neglect at these institutions. All the while, nursing homes make millions of dollars.


How does elder abuse and neglect occur? Here are just a few of the situations that Los Angeles elder law attorneys at HigherLegal™ have discovered:  


  • There is a failure at many nursing homes to properly supervise the care staff at their facilities and at times the facility will even falsify records;
  • There is a failure by the facility to hire enough staff to adequately cover all of the patients in a facility, often staff levels are below that required by California law. This is done in order to increase the profits of the facility to the detriment of the care and health of the residents.  


What should you watch for at a facility?

  1. Bed Sores
  2. Broken Bones
  3. Bruising
  4. Dehydration
  5. Malnutrition
  6. Unexplained Injuries
  7. Urine soaked beds
  8. Weight Loss


There are thousands of reports of elder abuse recorded every year. According to some reports, for every case of elder abuse that is actually reported, another dozen cases are not reported. As a result, there is a great need for families to report suspected elder abuse.


Each state has a different set of laws regarding who is required to report suspected elder abuse. There is no federal or national standard. Typically, doctors, nurses, care givers, social workers, nursing home staff, police officers, emergency personnel, public officials, and clergy are mandatory reporters of elder abuse.



STEP TWO: Hire an expert Los Angeles elder abuse attorney


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If you have a elder abuse case, you must follow the 5 Golden Rules - How to find and hire a good lawyer.


Elder Abuse and Nursing Home cases are very complex. Most personal injury lawyers do not know how to handle them because they are not familiar with the very specific state and federal laws and statutes that only apply to elder abuse cases. You cannot do this on your own. Higher Legal™ will make sure you have a top Los Angeles Elder Abuse Attorney.





  • A YouTube presentation about elder abuse by Dr. Laura Mosqueda, the Director of Geriatrics and recipient of the Ronald Reagan Endowed Chair at U.C. Irvine.


Be fully informed. Knowledge is power!


At HigherLegal™ we want to help. Call us now (310) 203-8888. We will answer all of your questions. We are here to help.