Dog Bite Injuries: When you need a Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer


HigherLegal™ gives you the facts about dog bite attacks:


California has a Dog Bite Statute. (No. 463) (Civ. Code §3342) You can see it here.


Also look at the current law regarding dog bites in California Civil Code §3342. 


Before contacting a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer or a lawyer referral service, the first and most important step is to educate yourself. When you are a victim of a dog bite attack, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Identify the owner of the dog! If it is a stray dog, there might not be anyone to sue. If there is an owner, you need to identify who that owner is.
  • Take Photographs. You need to document the dog, the injuries, and the area where the attack occurred (i.e. was the gate left open?).
  • Preserve the evidence. Don’t wash the blood out of your shirt! Don’t throw away those torn up pants. This is evidence of the severity of the attack. And be sure to get the names of all witnesses who were there.
  • Get medical treatment! Dog bites can cause serious infections. It is important to seek medical treatment right away, and when you are speaking to the nurses and doctors who treat you, remember: whatever they write down in your medical chart is going to be used in your dog bite case to show what happened! So be careful and specific about how you describe the attack to the doctors and nurses.

When you or a loved one is attacked by a dog, what you need is a high profile Los Angeles dog bite lawyer who has gone to court on dog bite cases, large and small, and who will develop the injuries and damages aspect of your case.


Victims of dog bites, especially children and the elderly, suffer from deep psychological anxiety and fear in addition to a multitude of potential physical injuries such as punctures, tissue avulsion, crushed bones, permanent scaring, infection and rabies.


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If you have a dog bite case, you must immediately follow the 5 Golden Rules - How to find and hire a good lawyer.


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