Aviation Accidents


There are only a handful of personal injury lawyers in California who are capable of properly handling an aviation accident. The most important decision you will make in your aviation case is who you select to represent you.


The law firms that defend aviation accidents know exactly who is, and who is not, capable of representing a victim of an aviation accident. It is imperative that you find and hire the right lawyer. Just because a lawyer is at a 'big' firm does not mean that the lawyer is competent to handle a complicated aviation accident case. It is imperative that you do your research before you hire a lawyer to represent you in an aviation accident.


Higher Legal™ is the only California State Bar certified lawyer referral service that specializes in referrals to specific types of personal injury lawyers in the State and then provides "Start to Finish" monitoring of your case to ensure your total satisfaction. The lawyers on the Higher Legal™ aviation panel include the biggest names in the industry, including:


  • Lawyers who are pilots and aviation authorities,
  • Lawyers who have fought the aviation companies in the past, and won,
  • Lawyers who have access to the best aviation investigators and experts in the industry,
  • Lawyers who know the differences between handling a commercial airline disaster, small plane crash or helicopter accident,
  • Lawyers who have won the prestigious “Trial Lawyer of the Year” award,
  • Lawyers who have received billions of dollars in jury verdicts, and
  • Lawyers with law firms that at financially stable enough to finance an expensive and aggressive case against the aviation industry.

One of the most difficult tasks at the outset of an aviation accident is to determine the identity of all of the parties that are responsible for the disaster. It is important to have a lawyer who understands which local, state, federal and international laws and agencies are involved in the accident.

Aviation litigation is complex. Higher Legal™ will assist you in your search for a lawyer who is competent to help you. Our services are free to you. We are licensed and certified by the California State Bar and we will earn your trust.