FELA Railroad Claim

FELA Railroad Claims


FELA is the Federal Employers Liability Act. It was enacted to help railroaders who are injured on the job.


If you are a railroader and have been injured on the job you should contact Higher Legal™ immediately. Unlike some other civil claims, FELA claims should be investigated by an FELA lawyer as soon as possible.


Be careful, often your employer will tell you that you should just file a Workers Compensation Claim. Many employers put pressure on employees to only file a Workers Compensation claim. There may however be a big difference in the amount you receive.


Here are a few tips to your successful FELA claim:

  • Do not speak with a claims adjuster or an investigator until after you have spoken to a FELA lawyer.
  • Find a FELA lawyer who is a specialist.
  • Hire a FELA lawyer that is approved by your union.
  • Be sure your FELA lawyer understands the terminology of your work.
  • Fill out only the accident report required by the Book of Rules.
  • Ask for a copy of the accident report that you fill out.
  • Get the names of all witnesses to the accident.
  • Seek medical treatment.

Higher Legal™ is the only company in California that will find the right FELA lawyer for you (FREE) and then monitor your case from "Start to Finish" to ensure that you receive the very best service possible (FREE). No other lawyer, no other law firm and no other lawyer referral service will do this for you. Contact us now!


Your FELA claim may include money for your injuries, your loss of income and your medical bills. Your FELA specialty lawyer will make a claim for these injuries and damages incurred now and in the future. Protect yourself and your family by finding and hiring the right lawyer.