"Hiring the right personal injury lawyer is the most important decision you will make in your personal injury case."


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Daniel Amos is a prominent personal injury lawyer and owner of Higher Legal™, the only California Lawyer Referral Service certified by the California State Bar that specializes in personal injury lawyer referrals and provides ”Start to Finish” case monitoring for each of its clients cases.   


Daniel Amos began his legal career as a personal injury litigator in 1985. He has worked with Greene, O’Reilly, Agnew & Broillet, with billion dollar verdict recipient Brian Panish and most recently was partners with Gary Paul, the incoming president of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) and two time recipient of the CAALA Trial Lawyer of the Year award. Daniel Amos knows the best personal injury lawyers in the business and he wants you to have the very best personal injury lawyer for your case.


Daniel wrote this book because: “There are a lot of people who have legitimate, serious personal jury cases who unfortunately wind up with the wrong personal injury lawyer for their case. For example, people shouldn’t have their medical malpractice case handled by a personal injury lawyer who handles primarily auto accident cases, but unfortunately many personal injury lawyers think they are experts in every type of personal injury law. In reality, they aren’t. There are a few simple steps people can take to protect themselves, and that’s what this book is all about.”