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How much does it cost to have Higher Legal® find an exceptional personal injury lawyer for me?

Nothing. Higher Legal® is a FREE California State Bar Lawyer Referral Service.


Why should I use Higher Legal® instead of just contacting a personal injury lawyer on my own?

Here are four good reasons why you will have more lawsuit success using Higher Legal®:


  • Higher Legal® will show you how to negotiate your contingency contract which will save you thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.  
  • Higher Legal® will “open the door” for you. We give you immediate access to the top personal injury lawyers so you don’t have to try to get past the intake clerks, legal secretaries and paralegals who screen their calls. 
  • Higher Legal® provides you with our proprietary “start to finish” case monitoring. That means when you hire your personal injury lawyer through Higher Legal® we are going to be by your side every step of the way to make sure your case is always receiving the highest priority.
  • Higher Legal® will make sure you get the right personal injury lawyer for your specific type of personal injury case.


How does Higher Legal® compare with other legal services?

Higher Legal® is the only lawyer referral service that is certified by the California State Bar, that specializes in personal injury lawyer referrals and will monitor your case until it is over.


How much will it cost to have Higher Legal® monitor my case?

Nothing. All of our services are FREE to our clients.


Can I find my own personal injury lawyer and still have Higher Legal® monitor my case for FREE?

Yes, as long as you contact Higher Legal® before you sign a retainer agreement with a lawyer and as long as the lawyer you choose passes the strict standards of conduct and professionalism required by Higher Legal® and the California State Bar.


What is Higher Legal® ?

Higher Legal® is a FREE California State Bar lawyer referral service that is operated by Daniel Amos, a preeminent personal injury lawyer with over 25 years of personal injury litigation experience.


Resume of chairman Daniel Amos


Honesty, integrity, compassion and excellent results. That is how Daniel Amos earned his outstanding reputation in the Los Angeles legal community for providing his clients the finest personal injury legal representation.


Since receiving his undergraduate degree at UCLA and his law degree from Loyola Law School, Daniel has proudly and compassionately represented the rights of injured victims, consumers and their families since 1985.


Daniel is a member of the California State Bar and has always remained in perfect standing with the State Bar. As a lifetime sustaining member of the Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles, he excelled in the handling of significant and complex personal injury litigation matters.


Daniel started his legal career with the prestigious personal injury firm of Greene, O’Reilly, Agnew & Broillet. In 1996 he partnered with California’s most recognized personal injury trial attorney, Gary M. Paul, and their firm established itself as one of the preeminent personal injury trial practices in California.


Daniel is a member of the State Bar of California, the United States District Court for the Central District, and the California Consumer Attorneys Association. He has served as an Arbitrator for the Los Angeles Superior Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee and as a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Pro Tem.


Daniel continues to contribute countless hours of his legal time and resources to many pro bono legal services including the UCLA Mobile Legal Clinic, the Los Angeles County Homeless Court and various philanthropic organizations.



If the services of Higher Legal® are FREE, how does Higher Legal® make money?

Higher Legal® is a California State Bar certified Lawyer Referral Service that receives a fee from the lawyer handling your case if they win, so we make sure they are always keeping your case a high priority!


How does Higher Legal® know who the best personal injury lawyers are?

Higher Legal® is operated by a personal injury lawyer with 25 years of experience in the business. We are also doing constant research to identify the personal injury lawyers who are obtaining the highest verdicts and settlements and which are receiving the most prestigious awards in the industry. Higher Legal® subscribes to the very latest online legal search engines to make sure we know who is best for you.


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Truck Accident
Medical Malpractice
Hospital Negligence
Legal Malpractice
Elder Abuse
Nursing Home Neglect
Defective Product
Product Liability
Dangerous Premises
Trip or Slip and Fall
Asbestos Injury
Insurance Claim Denial
Insurance Bad Faith
Employment Discrimination
Wrongful Termination
Sexual Harassment
Police Misconduct
Bicycle Accident
Motorcycle Accident
Dog Bite
Animal Attack
Aviation Accident
Workplace Injury
Construction Accident
Unfair Business Practice

Higher Legal™ is a FREE certified referral service of the California State Bar that helps people with legitimate personal injury cases find great personal injury lawyers and then monitors their cases from "Start to Finish". Higher Legal™ has a pre-approved panel of the very best personal injury lawyers in the industry who are required to adhere to strict California State Bar standards. We are not your lawyer, and we don’t provide legal advice, but we use our 25 years of personal injury experience to help you find the most outstanding personal injury lawyer you can get. Higher Standards, Higher Ethics and Higher Results. That is the Higher Legal™ pledge.