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Personal injury lawyers use “contingency fee” contracts. They don’t charge by the hour. When your case is finished, they receive a percentage of your recovery, usually between 33.3% and 40%. So you are likely going to pay the same amount to your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer whether you hire the best personal injury lawyer through HigherLegal™, a free lawyer referral service or you find a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer on your own who has only handled a few cases similar to yours. Additionally, and unknown to most Californians, in medical malpractice cases filed in California the attorneys fees are set by law. So you are going to pay the exact same amount no matter which personal injury lawyer handles your case. 


Because HigherLegal™ is a Certified Lawyer Referral Service with the State Bar of California, HigherLegal™ is authorized to receive a referral fee from the Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who handles your case. There is no charge to you by HigherLegal™. So it makes sense to hire the very best personal injury attorney, especially one who has experience with your type of case. It won’t cost you any more to get the best, so contact HigherLegal™, a 100% free lawyer referral service to find the best personal injury lawyer for your case.


It is also important for you to know that because HigherLegal™ is certified by the California State Bar, your use of HigherLegal™ to find the right personal injury lawyer does not increase the amount you will pay your lawyer. Pursuant to the rules of the State Bar of California, the fees charged to you cannot be increased when you use HigherLegal™. That is why it is so important to use a free lawyer referral service that is certified by the State Bar.


If at any time you have any complaints about your personal injury lawyer we ask you to immediately call us at (310) 203-8888. If your complaints are not resolved, you should then contact the State Bar of California, Office of Legal Services (415) 538-2328.   


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting HigherLegal™ for a free consultation. There is no obligation to you. Even if you already are thinking about hiring a certain personal injury lawyer, or if you are thinking about changing personal injury lawyers, it makes sense to contact HigherLegal™.