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Finding an excellent personal injury lawyer is very difficult.


My company, HigherLegal™ was founded to help people like you. We are the only certified lawyer referral service specializing exclusively in exceptional personal injury lawyers.


I will give you an honest and independent opinion of who I feel the very best personal injury lawyer is for your situation. There is no obligation to use our recommended lawyer, just free honest advice.


Whether you have a multi-million dollar catastrophic injury case, or a motor vehicle accident, we have a complete range of the very best pre-screened, award winning, top rated and fully insured personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles county.


The days of finding a lawyer through a neighbor’s recommendation or from one of the impersonal lawyer referral services is over. Your case is too important to take that chance. Deal with someone who is honest, someone with 25 years of experience and someone you can trust. Contact me, and I promise to give you the best advice you can get and to be here to help you through the difficult process of personal injury litigation.


What am I going to do for you when you contact me?

1. Use 25 years of experience and the outstanding research and resources of HigherLegal™ to identify the very best personal injury lawyer for your particular situation;


2. Show you how to get the best possible deal you can with the lawyer you select. Even a small reduction on your contingency fee contract or a slight modification of the cost reimbursement clause can save you thousands of dollars; and


3. Once you select a great personal injury lawyer, HigherLegal™ is going to track your case from beginning to end to make sure it remains a top priority for your lawyer. We will be here to answer your questions throughout the litigation process.


No other lawyer, no other law firm and no other lawyer referral service will do that for you. So let HigherLegal™ help you during this critical time. Your case matters to me.


Warmest regards,


Daniel Amos

Daniel Amos