Giving Back

Giving Back


As the founder and chairman of Higher Legal™, I am proud to say that our company believes strongly in giving back to our community. In fact, I have made it my personal goal to live a life of service to others.


Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

In addition to our primary goal of finding the very best personal injury lawyers for our clients, Higher Legal™ is committed to truly making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.


We all share the dream of “giving back” because we are grateful for our many blessings. But many feel they are powerless to make a difference.


You can make a difference by using Higher Legal™. When you use Higher Legal™ to find an exceptional Los Angeles personal injury lawyer for you, or if you refer a client to Higher Legal™ and we find a personal injury lawyer for them, you can help select one of the Higher Legal™ Charitable Partners that Higher Legal™ contributes to in honor of that client.


Our pledge at Higher Legal™ is to make a donation to one of the many Higher Legal™ Charitable Partners following the successful conclusion of every case.     


I hope that you, your family, your friends, your firm and your organization will join me in this important mission. Whenever you refer a client to Higher Legal™, please be sure to let me know the name of the charity or outreach program that is near and dear to your heart. Together, with your help, we will make a difference.


Thank you for your support,

Daniel Amos

Daniel Amos, Chairman


HigherLegal was created to help those in need