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Higher Legal Panel Attorney Selects Michael Jackson Jury

Michael Jackson.03Higher Legal panel attorney Brian Panish is currently selecting the jury in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case. Mr. Panish represents Katherine Jackson and Michael’s three children.

According to the L.A. Times, this is going to be a very contentious court fight. From the initial courtroom appearance Mr. Panish said he had made efforts to be civil with the lawyers for AEG but that the defense attorneys were wasting court resources by turning everything into “World War III.”

“Is that part of your civility?” AEG’s attorney Marvin Putnam asked Panish.

“Excuse me?” replied Panish, quickly adding, “You’re the most uncivil lawyer I’ve ever practiced against.”

The Jackson’s claim is that AEG was negligent in its hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray. AEG will be defending itself by saying there is no evidence to suggest that they were the ones to hire Murray. But in one widely quoted e-mail an AEG CEO allegedly wrote, “We want to remind [Dr. Murray] that it is AEG, not MJ, who is paying his salary. We want to remind him what is expected of him.”

Brian Panish is thought to be the premier trial lawyer in the United States. He still holds the record for obtaining the largest plaintiff’s verdict in U.S. History, 4.9 Billion dollars.

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Oh No! Rudy Tomjanovich Owes Millions!

Former Los Angeles Laker coach Rudy Tomjanovich has been ordered to pay more than $2.7 million dollars because the Pacific Palisades house he sold had mold and water damage that he failed to disclose when he sold it, according to a local report.

The house, which is located in the Palisades at 1639 San Onofre, is reported to be 6,600 sq, ft. on four levels. Rudy T. purchased it for $4.25 million from “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis when he took over the Lakers from Phil Jackson. But Rudy T. resigned from the Lakers after just 41 games and later sold the house and according to the court documents made a profit of $3,169,927.48.

It gets worse for Rudy T. because  according to the news reports the legal case is now continuing with the punitive damage phase.  To get an idea of what the parties to the case actually had to say, we have obtained the actual trial briefs that are filed with the court. The one filed by the plaintiff who is suing Rudy T. is 124 pages.

The Plaintiffs Trial Brief: Rudy Tomjanovich Plaintiffs Trial Brief

The Defendants Trial Brief: Rudy Tomjanovich Defendants Trial Brief

There are a lot of  very interesting allegations in these legal documents.

For more about this story, see the Pacific Palisades Patch report.

Let us know what you think about the case.

Naked Personal Injury Lawyers!

Today on the radio I heard one of the craziest lawyer story’s of all time.  The story was about naked personal injury lawyers who were walking around blindfolded in the forest and sitting around naked in a big tent tent passing around a ……..well, you have to read it for yourself.  All I could think was, “What has the legal profession come to?”

The story was featured on the John & Ken radio show on KFI AM 640 and it had to do with a recently filed lawsuit against the Los Angeles personal injury law firm Bisnar/Chase. I’m not making this up. See for yourself. Here is a copy of the actual lawsuit. Steven Eggleston vs. Bisnar Chase To read even more about this crazy suit you can also read articles in the Orange County Register or in the ABA Journal and in the Houston Press .

It all has to do with a supposed retreat that this personal injury lawyer from the Bisnar/Chase firm was supposed to go on at a place called the The Mankind Project.  According to the articel in the Houston Press this retreat center had some questionalble programs.

The lawsuit includes causes of action for sexual harassment, retaliation and constructive termination.

Bottom line, this is one heck of a crazy story. Check it out!