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Lawsuit Success: Fear No Longer!

Let’s face it – nobody wants to consider how unprepared they would be in the wake of a personal injury case. You’re scared, out of sorts, and must suddenly (and quickly) become familiar with the ins and outs of personal injury law. Not your thing? Well the truth of the matter is, the outcome of your case has everything to do with the choices you make before you even enter the court room.

As a 20-year-old with zero background in law, I found this book Lawsuit Success to truly invaluable for everything from lawyer search to just understanding what negotiations I rightfully have a say in! I wasn’t even aware of how many wrong turns it was possible for me to make in the process.

Lawsuit Success is a dream guide. It’s genuine and plain-spoken advice about the realities of the legal system. Compact, and to the point, this book is a standard for anyone facing their personal injury case in a clueless panic. In an area of law where I would be weary of legal services ready to take advantage of my inexperience, here is finally a legitimate resource with a true heart for helping others.

Learn from Lawsuit Success – be smart and be prepared.


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The Business of Business is MORE Than Just Business

In 1996, Odwalla, a major player in the juice industry, was hit with an E.Coli bacteria scare.

The company which operated from Half Moon Bay, CA was known for its unpasteurized and fresh juices of the best quality. Founder Greg Steltenpohl was adamant about the importance of a superior product and took the necessary steps to ensure Odwalla remained on top of its competition. Unfortunately, even Steltenpohl’s careful watch over the processing of his juices could not prevent the worst. 10 out of 13 E.Coli break outs in Washington as well as three of four cases in Colorado flagged warnings back to Odwalla’s apple juice.

Without a second thought, Steltenpohl ordered the recall of all products containing any apple juice before the FDA could even prove that the Odwalla product was the cause of the E.Coli. The company also pleaded guilty to all cases filed against them and paid medical bills in full. Steltenpohl even received permission to attend the funeral of a young girl who died from the E.Coli breakout. The net loss was
incredible. Even worse, the Odwalla reputation was tainted.

This did not last long, though. Odwalla was soon viewed as a corporation with high social responsibility, setting the prime example of an ideal company. From setting the highest practices with the manufacturing process of the juice, to assuming full, but unnecessary responsibility of the E.Coli problem, Odwalla was praised for their steps to help the greater good.

What does this say about our corporations today? If even a quarter of major companies assumed responsibility for their actions, how different would the face of “corporate America” be?

To read an article published by CNN in 1996, click here.
To read another view of the Odwalla case, click here.

Unfortunate incidents occur every moment.
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Voluntary Recall: Expandable Lunch Box with Gel Packs


photo: Ci Sport Expandable, Insulated Lunch Box SeSold at Costco Wholesale Clubs, Leon Korol, and Cost U Less stores, the Expandable Insulated Lunch Box with Freezer is being recalled by California Innovations Inc. due to dangerous contents in the gel packs.  The gel contains diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol and can leak out of damaged packs.  These contents are hazardous should it contaminate food or be ingested.

There have been no reports of directly harming any persons; however, there have been two cases in which dogs have ingested the gel.  One dog recovered with treatment and the other passed away without treatment.

To read more about the details of the lunch box and how to get a refund, click here.

If you have been negatively affected by this lunch box or any other product defect, click here for more information to find out how Higher Legal can help you.

Jury Awards $9 Million Dollars in Rear-end Auto Case

Last Thursday a California jury in Fresno County returned a verdict in the amount of $9,341,770.00 for two plaintiffs who were involved in a tragic rear-end automobile accident. Both plaintiffs suffered catastrophic injuries in the accident, one with permanent brain injuries and one who is now forced to use a wheelchair. This verdict is thought to be the largest verdict in a motor vehicle accident in Fresno County which is notorious for awarding very small amounts to injured victims.

The accident occurred when a truck driven by the defendant made an unsafe lane change and rear-ended the plaintiffs vehicle at 55 mph. Both plaintiffs were active in their churches. It is unknown if the defendant carries enough insurance to cover the amount of the verdict, how much the plaintiffs will actually receive or if the matter will be on appeal for years.

When a catastrophic injury occurs, it is recommended by the California State Bar the you find a personal injury lawyer by using a certified lawyer referral service. For additional details on this verdict please see the Fresno Bee  article.

Naked Personal Injury Lawyers!

Today on the radio I heard one of the craziest lawyer story’s of all time.  The story was about naked personal injury lawyers who were walking around blindfolded in the forest and sitting around naked in a big tent tent passing around a ……..well, you have to read it for yourself.  All I could think was, “What has the legal profession come to?”

The story was featured on the John & Ken radio show on KFI AM 640 and it had to do with a recently filed lawsuit against the Los Angeles personal injury law firm Bisnar/Chase. I’m not making this up. See for yourself. Here is a copy of the actual lawsuit. Steven Eggleston vs. Bisnar Chase To read even more about this crazy suit you can also read articles in the Orange County Register or in the ABA Journal and in the Houston Press .

It all has to do with a supposed retreat that this personal injury lawyer from the Bisnar/Chase firm was supposed to go on at a place called the The Mankind Project.  According to the articel in the Houston Press this retreat center had some questionalble programs.

The lawsuit includes causes of action for sexual harassment, retaliation and constructive termination.

Bottom line, this is one heck of a crazy story. Check it out!