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The Church is Now an Exception

What happens when you have a religious leader who shouldn’t be in a position of power? Well, of course you hire a great lawyer, go to court and find a way to “dismiss” them.

Not so fast!

As of yesterday employment discrimination laws may no longer apply to churches and religious groups. From priests to school teachers, many will be affected by a new decision made by our Supreme Court. While some ‘believe’ (no pun intended) it to be a step towards the First Amendment, others view it as a detriment to equality, only fueling greater discrimination.

So what’s your opinion? Sure, it’s important to protect the integrity of religious groups, but it’s also imperative to remember that the law is meant to serve and protect all without exception.

What say you?

Read the New York Times article about Ms. Cheryl Perich – a Lutheran school teacher who suffers narcolepsy and was fired for filing an employment discrimination claim.

When is it acceptable to be an exception to the law?

Let us know your thoughts!