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Continuing Problems of America’s Prison Systems

Fayette County Detention Center employees and retired director Ron Bishop faces a case of wrongful death filed against them by Janet Davis, a mother of an inmate who died in June.

David claims that her son Anthony Dwayne Davis was never administered medical treatment for his congenital heart condition. Janet Davis is asking for undetermined amount in damages.

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Unfortunate incidents occur every moment.
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The Business of Business is MORE Than Just Business

In 1996, Odwalla, a major player in the juice industry, was hit with an E.Coli bacteria scare.

The company which operated from Half Moon Bay, CA was known for its unpasteurized and fresh juices of the best quality. Founder Greg Steltenpohl was adamant about the importance of a superior product and took the necessary steps to ensure Odwalla remained on top of its competition. Unfortunately, even Steltenpohl’s careful watch over the processing of his juices could not prevent the worst. 10 out of 13 E.Coli break outs in Washington as well as three of four cases in Colorado flagged warnings back to Odwalla’s apple juice.

Without a second thought, Steltenpohl ordered the recall of all products containing any apple juice before the FDA could even prove that the Odwalla product was the cause of the E.Coli. The company also pleaded guilty to all cases filed against them and paid medical bills in full. Steltenpohl even received permission to attend the funeral of a young girl who died from the E.Coli breakout. The net loss was
incredible. Even worse, the Odwalla reputation was tainted.

This did not last long, though. Odwalla was soon viewed as a corporation with high social responsibility, setting the prime example of an ideal company. From setting the highest practices with the manufacturing process of the juice, to assuming full, but unnecessary responsibility of the E.Coli problem, Odwalla was praised for their steps to help the greater good.

What does this say about our corporations today? If even a quarter of major companies assumed responsibility for their actions, how different would the face of “corporate America” be?

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Unfortunate incidents occur every moment.
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Unpaid Intern Sues Harper’s Bazaar

A former unpaid intern of Harper’s Bazaar is suing Heart Corporation, Harper’s Bazaar publisher, for violating labor laws. 28 year old Xuedan Wang interned in the accessories department of the magazine for three months and worked 40-55 hours a week – all unpaid. The lawsuit states that “unpaid interns are becoming the modern-day equivalent of entry-level employees, except that employers are not paying them for the many hours they work.” The suit goes on to say that this type of system only leads to a rising unemployment level, as classes of people are divided into those who can afford to work for free and those who cannot. Major companies will offer students academic credit instead of actual compensation.

It’s very true that if interns were cut out of many companies, they would have to hire someone for the job eventually – but therein lays the problem. There will always be someone who can afford to work for free and there will always be college students who will work an internship and a job to make some sort of income. Take it from me, an intern. I have held several internships with different companies and I could honestly say that I work just as much, if not more, than employees in paid positions.

So what is the solution here? How do you think Wang’s case will end? Click here for the full article and please comment away. I would love to hear your opinions.

Unfortunate incidents occur every moment.
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Football Players Sue NFL for Concussions?…

Initiated by hundreds of former NFL players, four lawsuits have been consolidated by a federal judicial panel to sue the league and helmet makers. Apparently, professional football players were not made aware of the dangers of concussions and hits to the head before playing the sport. The cases will be tried together in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Jim McMahon and Jamal Lewis and well as wives of players have also filed suits and may be added.

Here’s my confusion: it’s FOOTBALL. Is it not a given fact that head injuries and concussions are a major risk of the game? Is it not even more relevant to those who are in the game itself? Perhaps there is more to the situation that I do not understand or isn’t mentioned in the article, but from what I can tell, this should be a very interesting case.

What do you think about this case? Do the NFL players stand a chance in court? Click here for the article.

Unfortunate incidents occur every moment.
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Voluntary Recall: Expandable Lunch Box with Gel Packs


photo: Ci Sport Expandable, Insulated Lunch Box SeSold at Costco Wholesale Clubs, Leon Korol, and Cost U Less stores, the Expandable Insulated Lunch Box with Freezer is being recalled by California Innovations Inc. due to dangerous contents in the gel packs.  The gel contains diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol and can leak out of damaged packs.  These contents are hazardous should it contaminate food or be ingested.

There have been no reports of directly harming any persons; however, there have been two cases in which dogs have ingested the gel.  One dog recovered with treatment and the other passed away without treatment.

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