Attention Women in Los Angeles who suffered injury from NuvaRing birth control

laura gianni 2If you are a woman between the ages of 25 – 50 who has suffered injury from use of the NuvaRing birth control, you have two choices:

  1. You can contact a law firm located outside of California and discuss your personal medical history with an unknown intake clerk, or

2. You can contact Higher Legal located right here in Los Angeles and meet personally with an expert female attorney who specializes in these cases and who understands the privacy you need and deserve.

Many women between the ages of 25 – 50 have suffered injury as a result of their use of NuvaRing birth control, including heart attack, stroke, blood clots or other cardiovascular problems. If you are one of these victims, please fill out the SEND ME A MESSAGE form in the top right and we will help you. Our consultations are FREE and completely confidential. There are time limitations on filing a case, so please act immediately.

In 2001, the NuvaRing became available in United States markets. It quickly became popular among birth control options and was chosen by hundreds of thousands of women across America because of its reliability and ease of use. Unfortunately, this form of birth control has been linked to serious health problems that may leave users facing serious and potentially fatal side effects.

The Nuva Ring is a small and flexible vaginal ring, which is designed to be inserted into the vagina once a month.  It is kept in place for three weeks, releasing controlled amounts of ethinyl estradiol  and etonogestrel, which modify female hormones to prevent pregnancy.  Etonogestral, also known as “third generation” progestin desogestrel, has been linked to serious health concerns, including a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and other cardiovascular problems. NuvaRing delivers a relatively high dose of this hormone.

A study by the Food and Drug Administration found the contraceptive device NuvaRing increases a woman’s risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) by 56% in the first year. The rate of this potentially deadly condition increases over time.  Blood clots can cause fatal conditions like heart attack and stroke. Thousands of reports of complications documented in NuvaRing users have been filed with the FDA.  Subsequent research found an even greater risk of blood clots in women using NuvaRing. A May 2012 study in the British Medical Journal calculated a 6.5x increased risk of blood clots in women using NuvaRing.

In recent years, a number of lawsuits have been filed in the U.S. against the manufacturers of NuvaRing. These lawsuits, filed by women who have used NuvaRing (and by family members in a few cases), allege that the manufacturers and marketers of NuvaRing did not adequately warn women and their doctors about the dangers associated with NuvaRing — including the risk of blood clots and other serious side effects — while at the same time they vigorously promoted its use. Since 2008, at least two lawsuits have alleged a link between NuvaRing and the deaths of women who have used the contraceptive. In late 2008, a number of federal NuvaRing lawsuits were consolidated into one, under a process known as multidistrict litigation (MDL). The NuvaRing MDL is being handled in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.

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