Attention Women in Los Angeles who suffered injury from Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

laura gianni 2If you are a woman who has been injured as a result of Da Vinci Robotic Surgery (Intuitive Surgical) you have two choices:

  1. You can contact one of those law firms located outside of California and discuss your personal medical history with an unknown intake clerk, or

2. You can contact  Higher Legal located right here in Los Angeles and meet personally with an expert female attorney who specializes in these cases and who understands the privacy you need and deserve.

Many women have suffered injury to organs other than those their surgeon intended as a result of the Da Vinci Robotics, such as a hysterectomy which resulted in a perforated bowel, ureter, aorta or other organ. If you are one of these victims, please fill out the SEND ME A MESSAGE form in the top right and we will help you. Our consultations are FREE and completely confidential. There are time limitations on filing a case, so please act immediately.

The Da Vinci Surgical System was brought to market in 2000 by Intuitive Surgical. The robot utilizes four remote-controlled arms and a sophisticated camera to allow surgeons to operate through small incisions with greater precision and visibility. According to Intuitive, Da Vinci robot procedures offer patients smaller incisions, less blood loss, and quicker recoveries.  Since its launch, the Da Vinci robot has been installed in over 2,000 hospitals. The device is used in a growing number of procedures including, Hysterectomies, Prostatectomies, Gastric bypasses and Gall bladder removals. According to, the Da Vinci Surgical Systems was used in some 300,000 U.S. surgeries last year.
Thousands of patients have reported adverse side effects from using the Da Vinci and other robotic surgical systems. These side effects include organ and blood vessel punctures, surgical burns, and death.  The Da Vinci Surgical System comprises a complex set of robotic arms and surgical instruments. Using 3-D images of the affected area, a doctor at a computerized console operates the system to perform high precision surgical procedures.  Since its release, Da Vinci has demonstrated serious side effects, including Organ and blood vessel punctures, Internal burns and other heat injuries, Intestinal tears and burns.  The Da Vinci robot’s other side effects include incontinence, vaginal cuff dehiscence, impotence, and cut ureters.  Since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Da Vinci in 2000, patients have reported some 4,600 adverse events, claims Citron. Of those, 89 events included fatalities.  Plaintiffs who have filed a Da Vinci surgical robot lawsuit allege that Intuitive has induced hospitals to buy the expensive technology by promising their market share would increase if they offer patients robotic surgery procedures.


In January, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) launched a probe of the Da Vinci robot to determine if an increase in adverse events related to such procedures is a reflection of a real and growing problem. Among other things, the survey asks doctors to discuss their training on the machine. Recently, the American College of Gynecologists advised its members that robotic-assisted hysterectomy should not be the first choice for most women in need of the procedure.

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