Attention Women in Los Angeles who suffered a fracture from the use of Fosamax, Actonel or Boniva

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If you are a woman over the age of 45 who suffered an atypical femur fracture unrelated to trauma after taking Fosamax, Actonel or Boniva (or a combination of these drugs) for more than one year, you have two choices:

  1. You can contact a law firm located out of state and discuss your personal medical history with an unknown intake clerk, or

2. You can call Higher Legal located right here in Los Angeles and meet personally with a female attorney who specializes in these cases and who understands the privacy you need and deserve.

Many women over the age of 45 have suffered an atypical femur fracture unrelated to trauma after taking Fosamax, Actonel or Boniva (or a combination of these drugs) for more than one year. If you are one of these victims, please fill out the SEND ME A MESSAGE form on the top right and we will help you. Our consultations are FREE and completely confidential. There are time limitations on filing a case, so please act immediately.

Fosamax, Actonel and Boniva belong to a class of drugs known as bisphosphonates, which have been widely prescribed to strengthen bones, prevent bone loss and treat osteoporosis.  Despite evidence linking long-term use of these medications to the occurrence of unusual femur fractures and other serious health problems, more than 30 million bisphosphonate prescriptions are still written in the United States each year. Many  lawsuits have been filed on behalf of bisphosphonate users who have suffered atypical femur fractures, which are low-energy fractures or low-impact hip fractures that can occur without warning or exposure to any trauma.  Repairing a femur fracture typically requires surgical implantation of a rod into the femur.  Studies published in a number of highly respected medical journals, including The New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research support the conclusion that long-term use of bisphosphonates can cause these types of atypical femur fractures.  On October 13, 2010, the FDA issued a new drug safety announcement regarding bisphosphonate femur fracture concerns. The FDA also required bisphosphonate manufacturers to include a new warning relating to atypical femur fractures.  Merck has been defending itself in Fosamax litigation in femur fracture cases as the connection between Fosamax and those injuries became evident. In California a Judicial Council Coordinated Proceeding comprised of Fosamax injury lawsuits was approved in May 2011 for coordination and assigned to Judge Ronald Bauer in Orange County Superior Court.

Higher Legal is the only local service certified through the California State Bar that assists victims in this area, is a Certified Benefit Corporation and specializes in helping people find honest and exceptional lawyers in their time of need.  VIDEO: What we do at Higher Legal. 

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