Attention Women with Transvaginal Mesh (TVM) cases in Los Angeles

You have two choices:

You can call a law firm located out of state and discuss your very personal medical history and injuries over the phone with an unknown and often inexperienced intake clerk, or                                                                         

You can contact Higher Legal located right here in Los Angeles and meet personally with a female attorney who specializes in TVM cases and who understands the privacy you need and deserve in this type of case.   

If you have experienced problems or complications with a recalled mesh product, fill out the SEND ME A MESSAGE form to the right and we will help you. Our consultations are FREE and completely confidential. There are time limitations on filing a case, so please act immediately.


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Surgical mesh is a medical device that is generally used to repair weakened or damaged tissue. It is made from porous absorbable or non-absorbable synthetic material or absorbable biologic material. In urogynecologic procedures, surgical mesh is permanently implanted to reinforce the weakened vaginal wall to repair pelvic organ prolapse or to support the urethra to treat urinary incontinence.

The most frequent complications reported to the FDA for surgical mesh devices include mesh erosion through the vagina (also called exposure, extrusion or protrusion), pain, infection, bleeding, pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), organ perforation, and urinary problems. There were also reports of recurrent prolapse, neuro-muscular problems, vaginal scarring/shrinkage, and emotional problems. Many of these complications require additional intervention, including medical or surgical treatment and hospitalization.

The FDA issued a Public Health Notification on serious complications associated with surgical mesh placed through the vagina (transvaginal placement) to treat these conditions.  Based on an updated analysis of adverse events reported to the FDA and complications described in the scientific literature, the FDA identified surgical mesh for transvaginal repair as an area of continuing serious concern.  The FDA issued a recent update to inform the public that serious complications associated with surgical mesh for transvaginal repair are not rare. Furthermore, it is not clear that transvaginal repair with mesh is more effective than traditional non-mesh repair in all patients and it may expose patients to greater risk.

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