Oh No! Rudy Tomjanovich Owes Millions!

Former Los Angeles Laker coach Rudy Tomjanovich has been ordered to pay more than $2.7 million dollars because the Pacific Palisades house he sold had mold and water damage that he failed to disclose when he sold it, according to a local report.

The house, which is located in the Palisades at 1639 San Onofre, is reported to be 6,600 sq, ft. on four levels. Rudy T. purchased it for $4.25 million from “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis when he took over the Lakers from Phil Jackson. But Rudy T. resigned from the Lakers after just 41 games and later sold the house and according to the court documents made a profit of $3,169,927.48.

It gets worse for Rudy T. because  according to the news reports the legal case is now continuing with the punitive damage phase.  To get an idea of what the parties to the case actually had to say, we have obtained the actual trial briefs that are filed with the court. The one filed by the plaintiff who is suing Rudy T. is 124 pages.

The Plaintiffs Trial Brief: Rudy Tomjanovich Plaintiffs Trial Brief

The Defendants Trial Brief: Rudy Tomjanovich Defendants Trial Brief

There are a lot of  very interesting allegations in these legal documents.

For more about this story, see the Pacific Palisades Patch report.

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