College Drinking – You’re Busted!

I want to tell you my story so you don’t get busted! You see the reality is that most teenagers are going to experiment with alcohol before they reach the legal drinking age.  It happens all over the country! Whether it is at home, in a bar (using a fake I.D) or in a college dorm room, teenagers are tempted to drink.

With the start of the new school year just behind us, I want to take time to share with you my personal experience in high hopes that you will learn from my mistake and avoid a hefty fine, along with a court date and a whole lot of hassle.

My freshman year of college was filled with new people, new experiences and many new opportunities in and out of the classroom.  One of the opportunities I was given was being able to venture out with my friends at night, without having to worry about returning home to the supervision of my parents.  A few weeks after school started I found myself regularly attending parties and drinking with friends. One Saturday night at a party, a neighbor called in a noise complaint, bringing two squad cars to the scene within minutes.  The cops identified each party-goer as we left the house to see if we were of the legal limit.  Since I was under the legal limit I was breathalyzed and given a written citation for being a minor in consumption.  The offense was a misdemeanor and I was fined $500, which put a huge dent in my bank account.  I also had to deal with my parents about all of this and you know how that goes. Bottom line, the consequences of drinking as a minor are really stiff and in no way worth the hassle.

So here are a few tips: Know the law in California which you can get by clicking here. Also, if you get busted, take a look at this legal brochure. It has some of  the info you will need to know.

Now that I’m working at a company that has a cool new concept on the law I’m finding some good info that I’d like to share with you. If you have any questions yourself, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.  Hope to hear from everyone!

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