You can’t have your day in court anymore.

As Americans we take for granted that if a person, or company or the government harm us we can take them to court to right the wrong. Don’t count on it anymore.

The State of California is on the verge of bankruptcy and one of the silent victims of this crisis is our court system. The court system is kind of like your doctor or dentist; you don’t think about them until you need them.  Well the Los Angeles Superior Court system, the largest in the country, is slowly closing down. The courts have recently suffered a $100 million budget loss and more is on the way. Courts are closing right and left.  For those of you who want the latest on the disaster, click on COURT REPORT.

So why should you care about this?


The next time some crazy driver hits you, good luck getting his insurance company to make a speedy settlement offer. There aren’t any civil courtrooms available so there is no incentive for the insurance company to pay you a red cent, at least not for a couple of years.

The next time your neighbor builds a hideous second story on his house that blocks your ocean view, good luck finding a courtroom for that type of low priority case.

So what’s the answer?

The big answer is to fix the state budget. The immediate answer is to make sure you know how to navigate the increasingly popular private civil justice system. What is that? It’s where you hire a private judge to decide your case. Times are changing in the court system. Get ready!

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