Football Players Sue NFL for Concussions?…

Initiated by hundreds of former NFL players, four lawsuits have been consolidated by a federal judicial panel to sue the league and helmet makers. Apparently, professional football players were not made aware of the dangers of concussions and hits to the head before playing the sport. The cases will be tried together in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Jim McMahon and Jamal Lewis and well as wives of players have also filed suits and may be added.

Here’s my confusion: it’s FOOTBALL. Is it not a given fact that head injuries and concussions are a major risk of the game? Is it not even more relevant to those who are in the game itself? Perhaps there is more to the situation that I do not understand or isn’t mentioned in the article, but from what I can tell, this should be a very interesting case.

What do you think about this case? Do the NFL players stand a chance in court? Click here for the article.

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