This Man Was Killed By a Taser

Bryan Layton Cardall died on the side of a Utah highway after being shocked by police officers with a Taser gun.

After receiving a report of a nude man running into traffic lanes, two police officers responded to the call. The 911 dispatcher released information to the officers that Mr. Cardall was suffering from a bipolar manic episode and was waiting for his medication to take effect; however one of the officers discharged a Taser gun just 42 seconds upon his arrival at the scene of this unarmed man and before employing any other methods of restraint.

The lawsuit filed by Bryan Cardall’s wife Anna and their children has been cleared to move forward to trial by Judge Clark Waddoups. The claim, although complicated, is centered around the fact that the authorities should not have used a Taser gun on Mr. Cardall. The charges include willful misconduct and wrongful death.

Read more here on the case and make the judgment yourself: What is the fine line between a necessary use of defensive force by the authorities and police brutality? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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