Caught by the Camera?




Lights, Camera, Ticket? Not for the city of Houston!

After having their traffic red light cameras turned off and on over the past couple of years because of complaints and concerns about their safety, the city council has finally decided to take them out, but it is going to cost them. You see the company that makes the cameras also makes money when people are caught! The city has come to a settlement with the manufacturer, American Traffic Solutions. The initial proposal stated that the city would pay ATS over $12 million for the breached contract which does not end until 2014; however, after much deliberation and mediation, the city of Houston will pay ATS $2.3 million up front, covering the amount ATS would have made if the cameras were still in place. Over the next three years, ATS will receive another $2.4 million, representing the amount ATS would have received under tickets and fines. With the settlement, ATS has agreed to remove all red light cameras within 60 days and end the legal battle with the city.

To read more about the case, click here.

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