What is the worst lawyer
commercial of all time?

I believe in the First Amendment and in the right of lawyers to advertise. But some commercials just go over the line in the category of bad taste! Some lawyers don’t understand that just because you own a video camera doesn’t mean you should film your own commercial.  Take a look at this commercial done by a lawyer who wants to handle your divorce case….Bad Lawyer Commercial.

In 1908 it was illegal for attorneys to advertise. The American Bar Association thought that only “tricksters” used legal advertising and they felt it was not appropriate for the legal profession.

Then in 1977 the United States Supreme Court changed everything and said that attorney advertising was protected by the First Amendment. Since then we have all seen a lot of attorney ads, some good and some pretty bad. Do you have any favorites?

Here is another zinger! Lawyer Commercial

What do you think of lawyer commercials?

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