Warning about Health Insurance

Did you purchase medical insurance coverage from any of these companies?

  • Health Market Insurance
  • National Association for the Self Employed
  • Alliance For Affordable Services
  • Americans For Financial Security
  • Mega Life & Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance Company of Oklahoma
  • Mid-West National Life Insurance of Tennessee

If you did, you may be part of a case which has been filed by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office and you should contact a certified lawyer referral service to determine if you need to file a civil action.

The case filed by the L.A. City Attorney alleges the insurance companies used illegal methods to sell  “junk insurance” to unsuspecting buyers. The lawsuit contends that a sales force of 1,200 insurance agents was trained to do “whatever it takes” to sell the junk policies and were trained to “reveal as little information as possible” about the insurance policies to the buyers. When buyers asked what the insurance policy would cover the agents were trained to answer with “impressive but meaningless jargon.”  According to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s lawsuit this was a big consumer rip-off.

These insurance polices were supposed to pay most of the cost associated with major illnesses and medical events such as cancer, heart disease and pregnancy. Customers purchased these policies in good faith and the lawsuit claims that the insurance companies had no intention of paying out any money to the customers.

Links for additional information:

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