You Don’t Always Need a
Personal Injury Lawyer!

Handy ManSometimes you have to fight for justice on your own.    So how can you get a little do-it-yourself justice? By filing your own case in small claims court.

In this day and age everyone loves to “lawyer up”. Well some cases aren’t big enough for a lawyer to take, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your day in court and your own slice of justice. Having worked my entire career as a personal injury lawyer I understand how difficult it is to get an insurance company to actually pay money for a legitimate claim.  If the insurance company knows your claim isn’t large enough for you to find a lawyer, they will often deny it outright. But don’t give up! Fight them in small claims court.

It is simple to file your very own small claims case and obtain a judgment of up to $7,500. In small claims court the parties must act as their own lawyers, so you won’t be up against a lawyer on the other side, you will be up against the person you feel actually caused your damages. You can file your small claims case and handle the entire case on your own. It’s really not that hard.

Below are the links where you can get all the information you will need:

For Los Angeles County Small Claims

For the Orange County court handbook on how to file a small claims case

For small claims information in Santa Barbara County court

For the Ventura County Superior Court

For the San Bernardino County Court

If you need assistance filling out the forms, or have any questions about how to prepare your small claims case, feel free to email me at

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