Does a Free Lawyer Referral Service
really exist?

Question Mark MoneyIt depends on what you mean.

FREE? Yes. If you call one of those companies (which we can’t actually call “referral” services), you know the ones I mean, they have huge advertising budgets… they will “give” you the name of a lawyer. Here is how they work: You call them, they give you the name of a personal injury lawyer (you’ll have no idea if that lawyer is any good) and that’s it.  End of story. End of relationship. (See my prior post “Lawyer Referral Service Illusions” about the difference between being “referred” to a lawyer vs. being “informed” about a lawyer!)

SERVICENo. Most of those big companies “give” you the name of a personal injury lawyer who has paid to be on their referral list. That’s it. What they don’t do is provide you with any service, and that’s not good for you.

Solution: Find a California State Bar certified lawyer referral service that will help you find the best personal injury lawyer for your particular type of case.

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