Ambulance Chasers!

One of the worst things about personal injury lawyers are the infamous “ambulance chasers”. For those who are not familiar with this term, it is a derogatory term used to describe those sleazy personal injury lawyers who would run after an ambulance in order to sign up the injured person on board! The dictionary is not as crass about it, defining an ambulance chaser as ‘a lawyer who obtains clients by persuading accident victims to sue for damages’.

Many people remember Paul Newman in the movie “The Verdict” where he plays the role of a lawyer who goes to funeral homes to look for cases. Disgusting!

The terms “runner or capper” are also used to describe this phenomenon where a person (non-lawyer) comes to you (uninvited) on behalf of a lawyer to try and get you to sign up with that lawyer. Sometimes lawyers send investigators to an accident site to sign up injured victims.

Well, being an ambulance chaser, runner or capper is illegal in California. It is against the California State Bar rules and if it happens to you, you should contact the California State Bar and report it. Here is how you can report it:

California State Bar Complaint Hotline
(800) 843-9053

I have been a personal injury lawyer for 25 years and have heard many unfortunate stories about accident victims who were displeased with their personal injury lawyers because they found the lawyer through a runner or a capper. Want to know how to find a good lawyer? Use a State Bar certified lawyer referral service to find your personal injury lawyer. Don’t be a victim twice. Do your research and find a legitimate personal injury lawyer. There are a lot of great personal injury lawyers out there, but you have to find them!

Have you been approached by a runner or a capper? If so, please share your story…

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